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Article Review: “Validation of a Screening tool for the Early Identification of Sepsis”

The citation of the article we will review is:

Moore, L. J., et al.  (2009).  Validation of a screening tool for the early identification of sepsis.  The Journal of Trauma ® Injury, Infection and Critical Care, 66 (6), 1539-1546.

  • Participants must access it through their own library resources.
  • We will provide discussion questions until we completely review and analyze the evidence in the article.

The ground rules are:

a.    A requirement that respondents respond only to the discussion questions posted at that time and

b.    Respectful communication be written at all times.



  1. Meridian Health Moderator Meridian Health Moderator

    We will start with considering the source of the literature itself.

    This article has the majority of its authors originating from The Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas. If the literature involves a different setting or population than ours, its transferability may be questionable.

    Accordingly, our first set of questions are:

      1. What is the specific setting of this article and how applicable is it for you? i.e. How does this impact the use of its findings for you?

      2. The study actually was run in 2007-2008. Do you think that makes a difference now that it is 2013?